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To me, the softness isn't as much of an issue as the extreme contrast. Just for funsies, I might try a shot like this in IR and again in color, then see what a blend would look like.

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I did think about cloning out the two spots you mentioned, Nathan, but didn't bother. I should as the more I see it, the more I think I'll hang on to this one, rather than deleting it completely.

Interesting idea, Brian, blending a color and high contrast IR shot. I'll have to give it a try and see if I could pull it off. I rather liked the extreme contrast - I didn't much like the shot when I processed it with a less dark sky. But perhaps I over-did it (there's no detail at all in the black areas anyway). Thanks for the suggestion.
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Ok.. what I did is not read any of the comments, including yours, other than the subject. I just looked at the shot and no matter how it was made or what purpose it was suppose to serve... I like it. Its very appealing to me. That is something I consider artistic and would not mind having framed on my wall.
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well i won't comment on whether you should give up or not, that is a personal decision based on cost/benefit(fun) ratios.

but, one thing I think about IR photography is, this. If the picture wouldn't be a pleasing composition without IR, it's probably not going to be fantastic in IR either. the processing alone is usually not enough to render a scene interesting, it should add interest to an already good scene.

based on that principal, i am not terribly fond of this photograph.
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