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Default Out into the wild (of my yard)

So I decided to go walking around my yard and take more photos for the third day in a row and look at things from a different perspective. This is what I came up with. A set of 3 photos out of a bunch which I thought were decent. I have only had my less then a week and I think I am figuring everything out pretty quick. Here is one of the photos I thought was best. Let me know what ya think.

So here we go C & C welcome. Please I need the help.


I will take all the help I can get.



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I think it looks pretty good as it is. I'd maybe sharpen a *little*. Maybe a bit of vignetting?
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I like the idea. My two suggestions would be to decrease the dof so the background is blurrier and not as distracting and zoom in a bit more so the flag takes up more of the frame (or tighter crop). Good eye
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Ok so I changed some things and took some advice. I also changed the perspective so a little which I thought gave it a better look.

Now the question is which one is better since I changed the perspective and that made the horizon crooked but the tree straight. or I make the horizon straight and the tree crooked (like it is really). When straightened it also crops out a section of the picture as well.

Also I seem to have some noise in the areas of focus especially on the flag and the far left side of the tree it seems. Any better way to reduce this?

#1 (straight horizon, crooked tree)

#2 (straight tree, crooked horizon)

Lemme know what ya think,


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The horizon isn't really noticeable in either picture, so in this case doesn't matter that much. In general, I would say that unless you are really trying to emphasize some angles in your picture and really tilt the horizon, making it clear that you intended to do so, keep the horizon straight. Otherwise it looks lazy - either in shooting or in processing.

To be honest, I find these pictures boring. If the flag is you focus of attention, it should occupy more of the picture and not be as limp. Most of the pictures are simply bark. I don't really get a story out of the picture. It doesn't feel as we are looking at the aftermath of a celebration - there isn't anything else to suggest it. It doesn't look like there something about to be celebrated - the flag is too limp and displayed in a sloppy way. In the end, the flag doesn't seem to belong there but I'm not left with the feeling that I want to know what is going on. It seems more like the flag is a rag and although I'm Canadian, would like to see your flag treated with more respect. (Not implying that you intended disrespect.)

The idea of looking at things from a different perspective is absolutely correct and keep doing it. These just don't work for me.


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