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Originally Posted by Bynx View Post
Its harder to make a good picture than a bad one. Striving for bad is just the easy way out.
Exactly, it all falls down to biases about what a "good picture" is. Taking a good picture is easy by the apparent definitions I've seen above, all that is required is "proper" exposure, sharpness, etc. Ah, but subject of course is an element. To me subject comes first, technicalities second or not at all. Because no matter how well you know how to turn a knob on the camera this way or that if you can't take a picture that's interesting at all it may as well be a bad one. I'm not saying, "Oh, it's a lomo so it's instantly good," but I'm not saying, "Oh, it's a lomo so it's instantly bad," either. Basically what it comes down to is that if you're good at all at photography it doesn't matter what light box you're using, equipment is just a crutch.
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This is the link to the tutorial that made me interested in trying the Lomo effect. I think that the photo in this tutorial is really good when heīs done with it. I donīt know if it is the real Lomo effect. I havenīt read anything about Lomo. Just saw this tutorial and wanted to try it.
Iīm trying to learn Photoshop and just trying all kinds of stuff that I find tutorials about.

Best regards/Daniel


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I happen to realy like the lomo effect. I think it gives pictures an artistic look and can convey a certain mood. But you still need to take a a well composed pic. Too many of the lomo pics I see are just bad pics with nothing interesting in them. I think your picture has some good things going for it but I don't like the guy on the right hand side of the picture, to me he looks like the zombie with no expression.
Here is a lomo I like ( not one I took by the way.)
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