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Default Honest opinions please?

I took this shot of our baby girl earlier today, and thought I would have a play with it in Paint Shop Pro X2.

As you can see, I have gone for the old black and white look, whilst trying to preserve the blue of our daughter's eyes.

I kinda like the effect, but I would like to ask, what you guys think?
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First, you should have included her full head. Second, at least on my monitor, the eyes (main focus point) are slightly out of focus.
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Default Baby "Blue Eyes"

Even though the shot isn't "tack" sharp, I like it...It's a darling expression...With children that age, it's hard to get a real cute photo, but you did...To nit pic just a bit, the skin variations in the baby's forehead is a bit distracting...Seems that there are slight hot spots...I don't know if a skin smoothing tool would help, but you might try it....Still like it and you have a memory shot for sure...
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Walter C - thanks for your advice Walter, it was one of those shots where I was taking a picture of someting else in the distance, I turned round, our daughter was looking at me, so I just put the camera to my eye and clicked.

I hear what your saying though, a complete head shot would have been so much nicer.

If you look at the image again, you will see the whole image is slightly out of focus. I had the camera set up for taking shots of my other daughters on a stage at a school awards ceremony, so every setting was out. Basically to get this shot, I leaned back quickly so the auto focus would do it best and clicked.

John at the Beach - I tried the skin smoothing tool, but it didn't make a huge difference. I also had a go at photoshop, but I have come to the conclusion that you need 15 brains to run that software.

Do any of you guys know a way I can sharpen the image without making it look abrasive? The image itself is slightly grainy, so when I run sharpening tools on it, it appears very harsh, and of course a smoothing tool after just blurs it.

I tried soft focus, but the hot spots that John pointed out just mess up the image.

I guess that the problem with spur of the moment shots, no prep time.

Thank you both for posting your replies, and for your critique, and good advice.
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If you use unsharp mask, it should have a threshold setting which lets you only sharpen strong edges and leave the weak, noisy edges untouched.
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