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Wow, Bynx - interesting reading - I didn't realise 'kiting' was such a big thing.

Back when I was a little tacker (little 'fella') - we made some kits with 2 pieces of wood and some plastic, glue and light nails. Then the fishing line. Now the kits you display are a different kettle of fish all together!

$1800 - yes, I'd rather have the Canon 100-400mm or equivalent for that! :-)

Regarding your photos, I prefer the composition of the 2nd photo (e.g. more side profile of the man, arm seems more 'involved' in flying the kit). However the colours of the 1st one are better imho (e.g. better exposure / saturation). 2nd one seems slightly over exposed and washed out in comparison.

I do like how in both shots the kit is 'between' the clouds, that is the background directly next to the kite is blue sky. And I also appreciate the tree's natural framing / border.

When you said that the kite gets so high, my thoughts were exactly about what you wrote later - needing to get air-space clearance, in case planes come past!! Wow.

Well done (once again).

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its funny you should make this post because ive been wanting to attach a small videocam to my kite, its not a giant like these babys in your photo, its just a twin lined stunt kite, but the camera is very small and wieghs just 20g, ill add a pic of the camera, $12 from hong kong on ebay, cant believe how good it records for the money.

anyway Brynx my question is where do you think i should try and mount the camera? im guessing either dead centre or at the bottom, but seeing as youve had some previous experience id welcome any advice you can give.
thank you
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To use a video camera you have to stabilize it. If not, the picture will be unwatchable. You will get motion sickness. There are all sorts of plans on the internet for making a stabilizer. I would either mount it in the middle of the kite or on the string a couple feet down. But thats a neat looking camera. With that clip you could stick it anywhere and get some interesting shots. Like the front of a car bumper or dirt bike.

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I like #1 better. Somehow, maybe with the arm raised more, it shows more effort to flying a kite.
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