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Default It ain't centered.....

I have the habit of centering subject. I tried to resist the temptation here, opting to position the subject off......why do I feel the balance ain't there? You thoughts and suggestions please.

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i think the balance issue is that the left flower is cut off.

and its hard to off-center something well in a vertical presentation. if you had a single flower that is kind of leaning in towards the scene, you could position it in a horizontal workspace and get the effect you are looking for.

pulling off an offcenter shot with a portrait orientation with a bouquet of flowers is difficult.
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Off center doesn't work well with this shot. I agree with Hards80, off center in portrait orientation is difficult but it can work on certain shots.
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Flowers in low light dont work for me as well. A flower opens it's petals to the sun to reflect
a lot of light and emit fragrance to attract insects for pollination and that's when it looks most
beautiful, when it's colour and brilliance stand out and it competes with other flowers for
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i would try cutting the stem in half with the edge, may add more of an intended half frame picture
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I don't like your framing/crop at all. For this particular shot I'd leave the whole flower intact as others suggest too OR crop even tighter. I mean - the black right border is there for nothing, the whole image feels for me as if something was missing (which is true - it's the left half of the flower).

I attached two crops. I like #1 better as it shows more of the leaf and give the flower a tiny bit of "breathing room", but #2 is closer in placing the right blossom according to the golden rule. Your pick?

As for the centering habit... hm... the question is: WHAT to center and WHY. And also if you put something away from the center... why and what do you want to achieve? If your flower had one deep blue blossom among all the others, you could try to build/compose your image around that blue blossom (just an example).

My 2 cents,
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