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There is a halo but you have to really look hard to see it without PP contrast bump. A little anal retentive IMO.
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it looks like i wasn't too far off!.. and that was with the naked eye.
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yup, not bad for the naked eye.
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Not withstanding the marked up images as well as the equalized image, I'm with JustinThyme about it all being a bit AR. Thanks for all your input folks!
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With all due respect - when you're talking about reviewing thousands of images that are all essentially the same I think you've got to nitpick to find things wrong. So while I agree it's a bit anal on their part how else are they going to disqualify images? It would be no different if it were a site devoted to flower macros - you'd have to use any imperfection at all to disqualify entries. I don't say this to diminish the task only that if you're going to have something that is so very specific if you didn't find excuses to disqualify images everyone would get images accepted simply by shear volume.
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Halo, is the look of posting off another shot say like the very thin line around the object looks as if it was lifted from a ground shot to a air shot... and you are right that is past of the paint job the wand can not be seen very well ... Great shot though and some things will just look as if its has a halo around them I can see that way in some lighting!
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I use PS Elements also and had a similar occurance. I questioned if this may be an 8 bit color problem vs. 16 bit with CS. I never got an answer.

I also got an offer from Adobe for a CS5 upgrade from Elements for $299 that I'm thinking of.
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