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Originally Posted by Holguin View Post
Mark- In my personal opinion I think the conversition worked great. Looking at the one in color and this one to me the pic came alive. It was wierd but it was like I was there again. Crazy I know. I think the pic works well, but I think I lack confidence in what I do and thats why I ask for other peoples opinion.

Walter- Yeah I was pretty bummed. We go there every year, and this was the first time that I had seen that. We were there for a whole week and never saw the sun. Thank you for your advice. So you think if I were to crop the buildings this pic would work better?
Nothing wrong with lacking confidence and asking, but it is always best to start with making sure you have in your mind what you like, don't like or even just a general oppinion.

I know I've come in after seeing the colour version but will try to critique the B&W first on it's own.

It is too flat, the highlights are really only just over midtones although the blacks are fine. Playing with levels will fix that. The other major problem is the distraction of the buildings. In a photo the eyes naturally go to areas of highest contrast but as there isn't much difference between the sea and rocks and houses and rocks the eye isn't sure where to go. A crop which takes them out as well as the levels edit to bring up highlights fixes this.

OK, what I do like is the nice diagonal of the rocks and the slow shutter has worked out well.

Moving to the colour version. This is much stronger as already it is edited, the highlights are there so it is less flat but those buildings are still not doing you any favors. I would crop them out as well in this one, doing this you have a really nice, strong, well composed shot with areas of interest automatically brought to the 1/3s lines so it is nice.

This is basically what I'm thinking of.
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Mark- Thank you for all your advice and critique. I can now see the things I missed and can fix. Thanks to all again.
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I'm not really qualified to critique a photo for anything more than an I like it or don't like it opinion, but I do love the motion in the water. I think the color version does that motion better justice.

It was an exceptionally cool summer, and far more cloudy days than sunny (funny how we complain if it's too hot too). I was at the beach yesterday trying to get some sunset shots but it was very, very hazy...
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