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Hi schent1

What you wrote is very similar to some experiences I've had... revisiting photos of some time ago, and changing an opinion on them (some for the better / some for the worse).

I actually think the photo sort of works for me. It's a different take (the painter / foreground blurred)... and the subject for the artist is in focus. Then again, I would like to see 3 versions:
a) as you had it
b) reverse - that is, painter/painting in focus, actual boat blurred
c) all in focus.

Still, I like what you've captured.

Bynx, a WONDERFUL masterpiece you've done here. Admire your post processing work... looks so lifelike...only 'out of the ordinary' thing is near the artist's left hand...

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Default To me...

Being an absolute beginner I can only say what I would like to see and not crit your submission.

Personally I would have the painter and the painting in much sharper focus than the boat and rest of the background. We all know what a boat looks like, I'd concentrate on accentuating the painting and the artists' attempt of capturing the rest of the scene...

I like the mood and feel!
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