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Default White crane in the sunlight. How could I have gotten it to turn out?


I am new to photography and just purchased a Nikon Coolpix L110 yesterday. I have been playing around with it, and took it to the park today to get some outdoor shots. I did find though, that I could not get this white crane in a tree to turn out no matter what I was trying. I know it's because the sun is reflecting off of it, but how do I fix this (for future reference, not editing)? This is how the shot turned out:

Any ideas? And I realize that the rest of the shot isn't clear either, it's zoom was maxed out and I'm still not real good focusing it yet.

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Default To Far

First thing, your trying to shoot something that is way out of your cameras ability to capture it, at that distance...Using full zoom and still being so far away will almost always cause the whole photo to be oof unless you use a tripod or at least have IS...You do have the lighting ok, but distance is the problem...Also, white birds are really hard to shoot...On bright sunny days you almost always blow out the whites...I don't know your camera but if available, you might want to play with the settings and manually adjust your white balance...And if you can, move 50 yards closer....Digital pic's are free, so play a lot with exposures and you will get a good one......
This shot has a couple of hot spots but still works because I was able to get real close...
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As already stated, your camera just can't provide the shot you were hoping for. EXIF seems to indicate you were using digital zoom. I wouldn't. Ever. Your camera has Exposure Compensation. If you were closer to the bird , you could turn down the exposure a little. Try a half stop. take a shot. another half. take a shot. and again. one of the shots might be what you want. on my monitor the whole thing looks over-exposed anyway.

and, you know this, without being in focus the shot is a throw-away.

One last item, realize that you were shooting effectively 500mm at 1/60. Practically hopeless handheld on a great DSLR. It may be tempting to take the long shots with these p&s super-zooms but without a lot of luck (and some skill), they just aren't going to turn out.
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Tripod or monopod, and use spot metering, if your camera has this available. Spot metering on the bird would have given you a faster shutter speed, as well a preventing the blown out highlights. It is possible this would have underexposed the rest of the picture, but the bird is the subject, and it is easier to recover detail from underexposure than from overexposure (the latter is often impossible)

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You'll have better luck with your camera taking shots of birds at or around a bird feeder.

Usually you can get in close (like within 20 feet if you sit patiently).

For those far away shots, to really look nice, you need:

- A fast, expensive, very long zoom or prime lens.
- A tripod or monopod.

I don't take the far away shots because I really don't have the equipment for it.

However just about any camera will take nice shots of birds at a feeder 20-30 feet away.
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