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Default My Conure

I posted one thread needing help with an image, but I thought I'd post another one where I actually think it turned out pretty well. If you didn't catch my other thread, I am new to photography and just purchased my Nikon Coolpix L110 yesterday. I'm still not 100% sure if I'm keeping it, but I've been toying around with it and seeing what it can do. Here is a picture I took last night of my green cheek conure Cody:

Thoughts? I'm still completely new to this, so please be gentle. Would love advice to make my shots better, as much as I can since this camera seems a little limited. This shot was taken indoors with low light, and the camera was pretty much just on it's auto setting.
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when shooting things with faces, always make sure the primary area that is in focus are the eyes (or eye).. it appears that the wing area is in focus, and the face is just a bit fuzzy.

Also, fill flash has never been my friend. I rarely use it because it often makes photos look flat and washed out unless used correctly.

Keep taking photos and practicing. it will get better.
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The shot of the bird would be better sitting on the perch. You can play with lighting by putting next to a window, or some other light source. You can control the background and you should get some really good shots.
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That's a nice bird shot.

Must be difficult playing with the bird and taking a shot at the same time.

I once had a fairly large parrot on my wrist when my wife (now my ex-wife) threw the phone to me (the call was for me).

Well, my bird got so scared he "bared down" on my hand and bit the heck out of me.

I was really ticked off, plus I couldn't answer the phone because I had the bird and a bleeding hand all at once!
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