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first thing that struck me was the uneven lighting on the face and how his eyes appear to be looking above the camera, but its a great expression hes got
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Originally Posted by umdaman1 View Post
Mark, very nice indeed and I see what you mean about the composition. I will try and put everyone's suggestions to use. Lets see, shooting angle, shoot in portrait orientation, even lighting, framing, composition off center...oh yeah and Trimec for the dandelions. Thanks everyone for the feedback.
It's always hard working on something new as at first you find lots of things to change so I would say worn on one or two things at a time. Lighting is your friend, it will really make or break a photo, however it is one of the hardest things to get right so you need to work on it lots, trying to see where the light is, the direction of the light, using things like trees, not only for shade but then to see where the light is subtracted from and where now the new light direction is. Easier things to look at are framing/composition and then the background. The most important thing is to have fun while you are learning

Always happy to help out if I can!
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I think the picture looks good, and I dont mind the angle. What I would change, is to crop the picture a litle bit different, blur the background a litle bit more. And just giving the eyes some more detail. Like this, I made 2 crops just so you guys can see what I mean.

Btw, youre child looks so cute!
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Thanks, I really like both crops. I'm still working on my bokeh. Is there any way to enhance the blur in pp?
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