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Thank you for your help! I zoomed in on the photo above and yes everyone was right I missed my focus by just a small amount! The thread is in great detail on the hat but that wasnt my focus I was aiming for the eyes. Just took a bunch more pics today so Ill see if changing focus on the camera to al servo on my camera helps.
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Try using the back button focus. That way you can focus using center point right on his eyes, then recompose to get your composition and focus will still be correct. Then click the shutter.
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Default Thank you

I got it today!!! Well not saying I know it all, but its finally clicking in my brain. I bumped up the ISO on this to get a faster shutter speed cuz my little one is busy! I posted the pic to a new thread so let me know what you think.
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Sometimes if you're not catching "the moment" it's worth a bit of noise that comes with higher ISO.
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As noted by others you focused on the hat. On the XTi there are 9 focal points the camera uses. By default all are active and depending on your settings the camera will pick which one it deems is best (not always what you want). I sometimes find it easier to force the camera to only focus on one point - usually the center. When you are looking through the viewfinder the point(s) that are in focus will turn red - and the camera will beep telling you it locked focus. Try switching from using all focal points to just the center point - this forces the camera to auto focus to the center of what you are looking at through the lens, making it easier to lock focus on the eyes for example. To do this on the XTi hold down the left navigation button (the one on the back of the camera at the top right where your thumb would be - it has an asterisk above it.) While holding that button rotate the thumb wheel and you can see on the LCD which point(s) the camera will focus on.

FYI - for non-Canon users Av mode = Aperture Priority Mode, Tv = Shutter Priority.

Hopefully this makes sense.

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What a worthless post. Why would you be so rude to someone simply asking for help in getting better? I'm trying to find something in the original post that would be offensive to you but all I see is a request for help. Why the rudeness??


Isnt everyone a newbie at some time?, and at least I ask for help. Some poeple are rude and not worth my time Brad- Thanks for sticking up to bullying. Oh and this will be the last Ill comment about this.
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I am just wondering what focus mode you are in as it is really the same problem I experience sometimes with the 50 mm prime in AF. It is just so fussy if you are not using the manual mode as , (at least on my camera) there are so many settings to check, but the more you use it the more this becomes second nature.
So this is what I go through to check. It is not to say you have not done these things, but a reiteration of the processes I have been lazy in checking producing the same results you have shown with your post....

First locate my focus area switch, where the focus area can be assigned.


Turn the focus area switch to wide
Press the controller's (mine has 8 way) keys to focus using wide focus area
then I have to press the central button of the controller to use the spot AF area.
Then while pressing the controller I press the shutter release button to take the shot.


SO here I go again, I turn the focus area switch to focus area selection,
then I press the controller's 8-way keys to select one of the eight local focus areas. Press the central controller button to select the center spot AF area. My camera will then focus when the controller is pressed.
While pressing the controller I press the shutter release button to take the exposure.

I have also in the past forgot to check my focus area lock after I have selected the focus area my camera has a lock position on the focus area switch..Man did I feel kinda dense when I found that one out..DUHH!

FinallyI have an AF/MF button that switches between auto focus and manual without me changing the focus-mode dial and I have hit that a couple of times by accident before so make sure you haven't done something as simple as that also.

Now You have a different camera than I do, mine is a Mnolta dynaxx 7D, so maybe the proceedure is not the same on yours, but I am just reminding you how easy it is to not be in the mode you think you are in when using AF. So good luck , hope it works out for ya bud! Cheers Frank
The hardest part of accepting criticism is realizing I am not perfect.......
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hkmp50, and don't forget that if you are NOT shooting a macro do NOT have it set in Macro...and vice versa...I do that sometimes, forget to check what it is or isn't set to, or on some cameras touch the wrong button at the wrong time and the macro turns on/off....
Until you write it down, like you did, it doesn't seem like a lot to do, does it...?
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