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Default Memories of winter colors

My 2 cents, i submit to your opinion


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nice pictures love the first one
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Aye, first one. DOF is awesome.
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Let me first say that in this critiques forum, just post 1 picture per thread, to keep the comments focused, and you can start more than 1 thread, so one for each picture would be just fine.

I really like the lighting glinting off the rocks on the first shot and the smooth water spray. Makes a rather nice picture.

Really like the silhouette'd tree and layered background of #2, works well with the golden light. However the bottom gets a little bit muddled up, so you may consider cropping a bit off the bottom to keep the focus on the silhouette and layered backdrop.
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Foreground rocks are beautiful. The exposure captured the diffuse light, wet surface and soft colors that compliment their rounded shapes, as does the counterpoint of highlight glints. This image took me back to time spent hiking in creek bottoms.

The composition drew my eye down the waterfall then left up the L shaped perpendicular and right out of the frame. There are multiple levels of depth (foreground jumble, water and vertical wall, background jumble) but they have the same lighting, colors and focus, giving the composition little depth. A DOF that put the background out of focus would have helped. Beyond that I see few compositional elements. There is no horizon, no figure - ground, and the color, lighting and rocks are similar.

The waterfall appears to be lit by a source with a direction and intensity that is different from the light on the rest of the image. That doesn't seem to bother most people in this Photoshop world we live in, but I find it jarring.
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Hi Doit4fun

The rocks in the foreground of #1 are great, and the 'smooth' part of the water. The 'splashy' part of the water though, is too busy / doesn't match in my opinion. I agree with ItDontMeanAThing that part of the lighting seems a bit odd (it might just have been natural light, but it doesn't 'sit' right with me either).

Photo #2, I agree with Hards80 - and also, I would have preferred a wider perspective (the tree is slightly too large in the composition) If an extra bit of photo to the right would have been similar background and shown, that would improve that I think. Having said that I LOVE the colours and tones of the photo!

Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for you comments .

I agree with the dof on the first one, but this pic was taken by a P&S ....

I do want to clarify that there has been no change in ambient lighting of the picture, the final result is raw sensor
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