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And 12th grade is...? I'm guessing, but is it the 12th class that a pupil normally enters, having started at the age of about five? So a typical 12th-grader might be 17? I'm sorry, but these terms are bandied around and mean different things (or nothing) in different cultures.
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You've got it Peter! Once the 12th grade is complete they will head off to college. University in your parlance I believe.

Typically these types of shoots are done either during the summer between 11th and 12th grade or just as 12th grade starts. They'll hand out small 2inch x 4inch versions to their friends and classmates etc. Bigger ones 8x10s to family members etc.
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G'day Dads41 + others

May I add some info to this post without hijacking it ....

Australia has a similar education system -
Children enter Primary School about age 6 and complete 6yrs of education before going to High [Secondary] School for another 6 years of education
After completing "Year-12" children are able to move to either a University or TAFE - [Technical and Further Education] system for 2yr to 6yr tertiary studies to then graduate with a Diploma [2 or 3yrs of study] or a degree [4 to 6yrs of study]. There are no such things as 1/2-yr or 1-year Diplomas ... students doing short courses receive a "Certificate" grade 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 depending upon the course & its complexity

Some areas within Australia move years 11 & 12 into a College stream as 'pre-tertiary' studies where the students are treated as full-adults with full personal responsibilities regarding class attendance etc - but with considerable mentoring from tutors - to prepare them for university or commercial life afterwards

Hope this adds something to everyone's knowledge-base
Regards, Phil
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