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Default Night shot with FZ100

Im new to the site, and found this forum. I decided to post a few shots. This one was taken in London, at night, on the way back from the Globe Theatre, off a bridge. In. Freezing. Cold. Weather. (it was so cold that night)

Here is a copy of the EXIF data and the photo. The photo is resized at 25%
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Hi,welcome to the site.You have captured the London scene pretty well.The FZ 100 is famed for its unacceptably high noise levels which is present in your image though it is low enough to be acceptable,thanks no less to ISO100used.
I guess this picture will make a better black and white image,the slight noise will make for a good grainy BW.

The photo would benefit from correcting the tilted horizon.

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I manually set the camera to a longer exposure and lower ISO. Took me 3 tries to get an acceptable image, but it was worth it. I think it needs to be slightly recentred also.
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Not bad at all for a first attempt. For next time i would try:

1. Find a pillar or something to rest the camera on. Then set the timer so that there are a few seconds between you pressing the shutter and the image being taken. This will help you in the following ways:

- Your image will be as sharp as possible, as you are not introducing any movement.
- You can use a really low ISO, and a slower shutter speed, which will help eliminate noise.

- You can use a smaller apature to ensure you have a sharper image.

2. On a more personal note, composition. the dome is nice, but the office buildings look just like that, office buildings. I would look for a more flattering and interesting viewpoint.

Find what you want the shot to be focused on, find a good view point and try to get as little distraction in the scene from the object of focus. An image with lots of things to look at rarely works .

Nice work, and keep at it, you'l be supprised how quickly you will improve with some very basic tips like the above.
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