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dont use auto
use aperture priority AP, its best for almost everything, if your doing a portrait set you aperture wide (a small number like f2.8) this will blur out the background,
with landscapes start with a small aperture (a larger number like f22)
if this gives you a really slow shutter speed you can either use a tripod, lower the f number a little, or increase the iso.

i like the picture, sorry your happy with the crispness, did you try sharpening it on your pc? all pictures need a little sharpening, maybe that would help.
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Its an odd composition to me in that my eyes go from the ducks to the house so they go from bottom right to top left. A real diagonal look to your image. But I like it.
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I'm going to begin using auto mode on the camera I think.
Please, please don't use auto. Learn how to control the manual functions and your images will turn out much better.

That being said, nice photo! I would have stood back farther or switched to a wider lens but that's just me. The 2nd image looks better then the first one you posted. Showing the pond is nice.
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I'll go the other way and recommend auto. See what the camera chooses for a given situation. See what the resulting image is. Learn from that.

Auto does well, but the camera cannot read your mind. It will produce a properly exposed image (mostly), but it may not have the depth of field or focal point that you had in mind. It's a crutch, and a good one at that, but you'll move past it before too long.
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