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Default Photographer in Dunlaoire Harbour (Ireland)

Visited Dunlaoire today with my Friend on one of his first outings with his new DSLR. Brought my little pocket cam (Canon S95) and got this. Tried to include features that are distinctly Dun Laoire Harbour ( Chains on the bollards, Two Gazebo/bandstand's) to anyone familiar with the area.

Wanted this to show a photographer at work, without focusing too much on him. Its both distinctly a photographer, and distinctly in Dunlaoire, but its a photo about both, and neither. As an expirement it worked and has given me some ideas on perspective for future photos.

I have a color version also, which is nice as there is a lovely rusty orange color on the bollard right underneath the chain, but the overall composition works much better in black & white so im posting that one here instead.

All critique accepted and appreciated.

Link to higher res copy also: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7164/6778 ... 794c_b.jpg )
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G'day schmintan

you ask for cc...
I like your camera work & the pp that follows

The point of focus & framing please me > my style too
Using 1x zoom [or thereabouts] + vertical format works a treat > well done
The mono pp enhances the overall appearance and finishes it off

As to the 'other' subject in your image > the other 'tog ...
[tongue-in-cheek] Your image shows a typical dSLR 'tog looking at the camera-back to check the image just taken, whereas if he had a superzoom type of camera [as you have used here] he would have seen his pic in the EVF as it was taken and would know whether or not it was 'exactly' what he was after

Hope this helps
Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
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Thanks for the feedback! I agree it would look better if the other photographer was in a "picture taking" pose.but as photographers we are opportunistic and il take what I can get when I can't get what I want! 😄

The subject was new to photography(his first dslr) so that's what all the chimping is about.

Regarding my camera for this shot it's just a little canon s95. Super pocketable, takes raw and gives very easy control over Apatyre and shutter values. But big issue with it is hat it does not have a viewfinder, just a big screen. As a pocket cam it works fantastically well though.

But even with a viewfinder on my dslr, I still chimp on all my photos after taking them. That's the joy of digital over film, you can check your work, right there and fix it if needed!
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I do like the comp of this shot.

Maybe a bit more depth of field needed to give the photographer shape a bit more clarity.
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