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I'm looking at the images you sent me, and seeing varying degrees of softness in them. The shot of the cross-bill seems to be quite soft throughout, while the robin (img_5912) seems reasonably sharp, and I can tell where the lens focused. I can improve all of these with some processing work, and can make them all look pretty good at web sizes (1024x683) but to be honest, I don't think any of them will ever be sharp enough to make good prints above about 5x7 or maybe 8x10...

One thing I did notice in reviewing the EXIF data - it appears the in-camera sharpening is set low. I would definitely recommend going into your menu settings for the picture style you use as a default and setting your in-camera sharpening higher. It's been a while since I sold my 40D, so I'm not positive what the exact settings are, but I believe if you go into picture styles and select the style you want to use (i.e. landscape, portrait, neutral, etc.) and select sharpness, you'll see a scale from 0-7 or something like that... the little arrow may well be set to the lowest setting. Move the slider to the second-highest setting, and see what that does for you. It should at least help.

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Rocky, thank you for taking a look at the photos. I will make those adjustments and see if I can get some better photos tomorrow.

Wingman, I am sure it is not the equipment...pretty sure I am doing something wrong. I just need to figure out what it is.

Hopefully, I will get my tripod this week and can give that a try.

Thank you all for your patience with me.
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at 600mm I would not attempt shutter speed less than 1/2000 sec if hand held

make sure for your future tripod shots you use some sort of 'shutter release cable'

or at least the self timer function

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center spot continuous focus - 450mm equiv - 1/1000s - f4 - iso 400 - panned with underhanded grip and shutter release cable

the trick is to continue the pan while and after releasing the shutter

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Great photo. Thank you for the additional information. I did go to the place I bought the lens from and they said the same thing. High shutter speed when photographing at great distance. I did take some photos but have not had time to look at them on my computer yet.
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Originally Posted by Lotuslady View Post
I've done nothing with the photos except to reduce their size in paint (as I do not have my computer back from repair with my photoshop on it).
Sorry about replying to an old thread, but:

MSPaint is absolutely awful at resizing photos, and found that format conversion (PNG/TIFF -> JPG) is very lossy (at least, up to and including the version that ships with Windows 7).

I find that the resample function in IrfanView yields much higher quality results. Secondly, Shift+S in IrfanView does a quick sharpen. I've found that when I need to resize/sharpen an image quickly, with minimal fuss, and with decent results, IrfanView does the trick. Best part is, IrfanView is free.

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