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What do you guys think. I like taking Architechural Shots with my point and shoot. I touched it up a little, what do you think?
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Interesting angle. The boat (or what ever it is) at the bottom, is a little distracting.
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a polarizer and some puffy clouds could do a lot to add interest to the sky..
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I would consider cropping from the right hand side. Playing with levels and add more contrast.

To start I would have used exposure bracketing by a stop. and blended two images together. This would have exposed correctly for your background and foreground a lot better.

Yip nice angle on the bridge. But the picture has a lot of room for improvement, purely in technical terms. Read up on bracketing and blending.

Oh sorry, now I see it was your point and shoot. Which makes the above not easy. Still you can work with it if you have photoshop. If you like that kind of thing.


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Hi juice_22.

I touched it up a little more, hope you don't mind.........removed the distracting boat (?) in the foreground, Saturated the sky a little, (couldn't be bothered with clouds), tried cropping, didn't really look better or worse, so left as is. The only difference with a crop would be to de-centralize the tower of the bridge some more, but I like the lead in from the bottom right. Yes, a nice angle.

Shadow/Highlight adjustment to the bottom right, levels adjustment to the land in the background to make it less pasty looking, and levels on the water.

Hope you like it.


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Old Jun 10, 2005, 7:19 PM   #6
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Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

Stevekin, I like how you made it look much better. I'm still learning Photoshop. My experience is limited but hopefully I will be able to improve.

Your probably right LBoy Bracketing would have helped, unfortunately I can't do that with this camera.
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