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I just found this forum yesterday so forgive if I miss any etiquette. I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel not long ago and have been trying to develope my skills. My subjects are generally my twin daughters. Any advice, critiques and or techniques would be much appreciated.

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ok as I found out the hard way also, in this section you post ONE image per post that way you can stay on track with the comments...

and your pics look good but Im afraidI have a phobia of looking at baby/peoples kids photos... they just bore me silly, just my own personal preference tho

looking forward to other shots from your good self
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Thanks audioedge. I appreciate your help.
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I like kid pictures. That is what I shoot most of the time too. It's a she, right? Maybe 20 months? Mine youngest is.

I love the eyes. I would like to see more or less of her mouth and hand though.

Still a great shot!

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the biggest issue here is the very large exposure difference between the upper and lower part of the face.. which really ruins this shot as anything other than a memory for you and your family... but therein lies the good thing about family photos, even if they aren't technical masterpieces, they are still cherished by you.. enjoy..

next time, when you have a sunny day, make the most of it.. place you kid just inside a shade line from a tree or something.. this will get them out of the harsh sun.. also being right inside the shade line will allow the sun that is reflected off the grass or whatever to fill back into the face leading to a nice even exposure.. a burst of fill flash may be helpful as well to generate some nice catchlights..

best of luck to you,
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Its a nice photo, and uses natural light reasonably well.

But the difference between the light on the right side of the photo, and the left, and as well as Dustin pointed out the chin highlight, is what detracts from it being an exceptional photo.

But if this is the quality of your photos early in your hobby, you could become a formidable photographer.

- TR
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It is a she.She was just under 12 months or so when this picture was taken. The shot was taken just inside a glass door of a condo 12 floors above the beach with the afternoon sun shining through. I appreciate the good advice and look forward to spring when we can be outside more so I can try Dustin's suggestion.

Thank you for looking and taking the time to give me some feedback. I was a bit apprehensive to post. I will post another when i think I may have made some improvement.

Thank you


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