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Lol John, actually, luckily for me, when she saw the photos, she wanted me to do more, quite fortunate actually.
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Hi, from my side just to confirm allready said....#1 photo is just OK, I like it it is very even having this high lights and shadows asit is normall considering the strong saylights....veru good I think....

#2 is not that good nd I would leave it aside.....

keep shooting you have good model for that...

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The angle the sun is hitting the subject in the first image is not flattering. A reflector will not help with that. You have a great natural reflector in the scene...It's the water. Fill flash works great too and you don't have to worry about fumbling with a reflector. Before you drag out a reflector learn to use flash and the surroundings for fill. Concrete, water, rocks, buildings, etc. make great reflectors. I'll post an example below.

Generally on full lenght shots, you want the film plane to be level unless you are getting creative. The plane in the first shot shortens your model. In close-up shots as image 2 the film plane and facial plane should match.

Your model needs light on her face in the second image. A reflector would have worked great or using a hot shoe flash mounted on a bracket as the key light would have worked well too.

Below is an example of using the natural surroundings to reflect light. The sun was behind and to the subject's left. Grass below reflected the light back up into his face and eyes.

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