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Got my *ist DL and 18-55mm kit lens today. Completely new to the world of SLRs and still a beginner, so I'm unsure how to use it. I was able to take this photo after a bit of fiddling around.* My goal was to try and get some DoF between the towels and the background, but not quite sure how yet. Tips, anyone?
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You are on the right track, using aperture priority, and wide aperture. Your focal length is a bit short, though. DoF widens with shorter focal lengths and narrows with longer ones. Presumably you are using a zoom lens, so zoom in a little bit. You may have to back away from your subjects some to get the shot framed the way you want it.

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for shallow dof

put the cam into aperture priority mode and select the smallest fstop number (e.g. 2.8.) the smaller the number the small your dof

play around with it so you get a feel for wat each fstop does
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