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I had a quite nice shot of a pigeon bathing in my pond the other day: it had interesting texture & detail but rather boring and subdued colour; so I thought it might be a good canditate for experimenting in Black & White photography. After messing about in Channel Mixer for a while until I got a result I liked (something like 10 red, 40 green, 50 blue) and bumping up the contrast a bit, I got the top image below. So, that's the first thing: any criticism? Both on composition and black & white conversion/postprocessing tips will be greatrefully received.

Then I printed it out (HP 5500). What looked good on screen didn't look so good on photo paper: the black's weren't very deep, and there were definite streaks of blue on the bottom left and bottom centre. I scanned the image back in and got the bottom image below (it doesn't actually look as bad on paper as it does here; the scanner softened it up a bit and gave it a much bigger overall colour cast, but you get the idea). Does anyone have any tips on how to get better results with b&w inkjet printing (it's a good printer, gives excellent results with colour printing)? And are the results you get ordering prints online really vastly better for b&w work?

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Interesting shot

b&w definately complimenrts the shot

Unfortunately this spot is very busy and tends to engulf the subject quite a bit.

I think the b&w convesion came out fine, it seems more like a priunter issue, looks like there is a lack of blue i thnk. Check ur inks you may be down in your other tones. This could also explain your lack of balck depth also.

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