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I am starting to practice macro photography. A few of my photos are below. These shots are straight out of the camera. The only post-processing I did was crop for internet display and subject matter.

Please give me your comments; good, bad or indifferent. Thanks!

Set-Up: Canon 350XT, Sigma 50mm f/2.8 Macro Lens, Sunpak 40PZ Flash
Dual tube flourescent lights above subject, approx. 12 inches.

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Wow! really good!

The only thing i see is actually a problem with my favorite of the shots.

In the first one, open up the apperature a bit, the nearest side of the cig looks a bit outta focus.

Short of that, GREAT! Macro photography is, imho, much harder than it looks to get really stunning results.
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wouldnt he want to close the aperture down a little to obtain more focus?... from my understanding the higher the f number the more closed down the aperture is... as the f number is the denominator of a fraction... so hed want a larger number to close the aperture instead of a smaller number which would result in larger aperture and subsequently a more shallow DOF


PS someone please correct me if i'm wrong
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Logan, your understanding is accurate. Luxowell, I agree that the first shot needed to have more in focus. To me, it doesn't appear that any of that shot is completely in focus.

Make sure you're either using a remote shutter switch or the self timer, and turn off any stabilization (which I don't think you have in that setup).

The 2nd and 3rd shot are technically fine, but there's not much artistic going on in these shots. As they are rather generic images, and I'm assuming sharp at high resolution, these could be sold to a clipart site I'm sure. That isn't meant as any kind of criticism, images like these can be very useful.

I'd suggest you experiment with more interesting groupings of objects. Oftentimes it's wise to take multiple shots at different aperture settings to get a different sense of depth. Also play with lighting and shadows, and try using reflectors. When photographing reflective metals, you can do interesting things by creating reflections with differents kinds of lights or mirrors or balls of foils or whatever you might think up.
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Shoot me, please!

Yes, you DO close it down for greater focal depth... complete slip o' the fingers guys, sorry!
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I agree with stopping the Apeture down some more for better DOF.I would also suggest a difuser when using light directly on a shiney object like the gem stone in the ring,that way you wont have the reflection of the light in the picture.
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