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By the way, my wife walked into my computer room while I was looking at the picture and she asked me ifthe picturewas real. And I said yes. And she asked me; "No, I mean was it taken with a camera." I started laughing and I reply to her; "Yes its a real picture taken with a real camera."....I just kept on laughing (not in a mean way of course). I just thought the whole thing was funny, LOL:lol: Anyways, she really like the picture.
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There is not debate, Jim. I know my images are better. LOL

haha, nice one. Certainly no argument there at all.

It certainly wasn't my intention to post images in any pre ordained competition. I just think composition and subject interest are incredibly important aspects. This was the point I was making. Apologies if it came across otherwise.

Moving on:

I agree with Kaspian, its a pity the whole refection is not visible in this one. Being broken such is unfortunate. Ok so the compositional and subject issues aside.

It looks a tad over processed Rodney. I cant put my finger on it but there is a similarity with all in your previous duck shots, but not in your portraits, which are of course excellent.Also the portrait work looks much more photo realistic to me,therefore post processing is spot on.Can you post an original without your processing so I can maybe have a go at an edit. Maybe then I can work it out andadd more constructive critique that may be more helpful than I have been up till now. Maybe your portrait work-flow is hindering the presentation of these images?

For example, I'm interested to know if its over sharpened, if detail is missing orif the focus is slightly off and you have compensated with USM. But it seems to me there is something just a bit off.


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I like the first one better Rodney. I agree having the whole reflection adds to it, but I also like the sense of motion captured. I dont really have a problem with the head angle, but thats just me.

Good job.

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There is a book, Nature Photography by the National Audubon Society, you might like it. It probably covers things you already know but there are some good tips in it, along with some really great pictures. I'm of the mindset that nature shots should capture the paradox of perfect imperfection. I think it takes someone with an inherently relaxed and observant nature to really get those shots.

I had taken a project on this last semester just for my own practice and peace of mind. Every Saturday, I went to the zoo and picked an animal to spend a couple of hours with.Bats... otters (they were difficult)... birds... elephants.... watch their behavior... anticipate it. It can be a lesson in patients as well. It's a place to start, a good place for learning, and it helps the zoo. They always need donations.

I shot with different lenses to see what worked and what didn't, just played. You have the advantage of knowing more about photography than I do so I would think you would enjoy it quite a bit more and come out with some beautiful shots.

Just my thoughts... for what they are worth.

What I've learned... always go with the shallower depth of field when indoubt. Monochromatic is hard to pull off well.The compositions really lean on light. Be careful with oversharpening soft is good.

The first duck isn't bad.

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