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Old Apr 19, 2007, 8:24 AM   #11
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There are a couple of things going on here.

You wanted to take some nice photographs of the building, and everybody that sees them comments on how much they like the tracks!

If they are not the intended subject, train tracks, roads, pathways, in fact anything with a vanishing point either in the frame or not, will be a distraction from whatever your intended subject is.

Now, I agree that context is important, but here I think the "context" detracts from the actual subject.

I would try again with a different focal length. Maybe I'd be closer with a wider angle. Maybe I'd be further away with a tele from a differnet vantage point. Anything that would allow me to capture the building WITHOUT the tracks.

Also, both shots are monocromatic (B&W in the first, and except for the red in the Purina logo, blue and white in the second.) Sometimes, monochromism adds something to the shot, and sometimes it removes something. In these shots, I think you lost a lot more than you gained.

My $1/50.
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Old Apr 21, 2007, 9:33 AM   #12
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That is a tough one. I like the second one better because the first is too flat with such even lighting. After reading Hughes comments, I think he has a point. The tracks do draw your eye as much as the building. On the other hand it sort of makes a statement with the empty tracks and the now unused building.

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Old Apr 23, 2007, 12:04 AM   #13
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DGal, Hughes, Tcav, Lyrics thank you all for your valuable input. I do appreciated. When I get some free time I will take a few more shots and post them here.

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Old May 1, 2007, 11:42 AM   #14
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Hi. Just a couple of thoughts...

1) What's farther down the tracks? Can you go there?

2) Can you get elevated, perhaps where you can see past the building some and get some of the "town" background included?

3) Have a fisheye lens? That might be kind of cool shot from down low and close.

4) What's behind where you are standing? Is there a railroad crossing that might add some interest provided you can move down the tracks and shot back towards where you were standing for the posted photos.

5) Sunrise is behind the building from your POV. A silhouette might be kind of fun. If you're familiar with HDR you may get some interesting/unique results (if you apply HDR moderately).

Best of luck to you in getting the shot that you're in pursuit of!

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I like the first one.

I don't like how the first one has the roof cut off, top right.

The second one has a great idea with the track. Maybe incorporate that in the first one but still make the building the centre piece. In the second one the train tracks appear to be the subject and the more interesting building is the background.
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