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I do appreciate all the help many of you have give. I am working towards getting a nice SLR. I don't have one yet. I just have a Kodak Easyshare camera with a 10X Optical, 3x digital. I've been trying to do the best I can with those... and when I get enough money, to buy an SLR. It's nice that they are coming down in price.

I love photography! I enjoy just being able to take in the beauty, and to give people some really good shots!

I will post 2 of these today.. back to back...

all feedback is greatly apprecaiated!

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I think that a great shot! I find the imprint on the teeshirt a bit distracting though. But besides that, the composition and setting suits your B&W theme.

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Hello Steve,

Overall this is a very nice portrait, though there is always room for improvement.

In this low key scene, anything brighter than the face or eyes can become a distraction. Though viewers will be interested in the writing on the shirt, it is not a distracting element in this shot. It is ok if the viewer is encouraged to look around the frame for interesting elements. The real distraction here is his right arm. Notice that it is brighter than his face? If not for his arm, the watch may have been a distraction. Always position watches so the crystal isn't facing directly at the light. Usually, a slight turn of the wrist will eliminate any problems unless the band is metal.

The pose looks natural, though he should have tilted his head forward slightly to match the digital sensor plane.

In post you need to give this image a lot more contrast. A levels adjustment will work great. There is a little too much space above his head for my taste too. Consider a slightly tighter crop.

Good work! Thanks for sharing.

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The pic's setup and expression is pretty good and the cropping done by rodney is good although I would have gone a little further and rotate it a few degrees to the right so that the door is really vertical
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