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"the grid, while completely intact (indicating nozzles are all good) is turned slightly so that the bottom left square of the grid opens to the bottom, and the top right square opens to the top, with a gradual gradient making the other corner squares (top left and bottom right) perfectly normal."

Its ok .!...........mine on the 4200 is exactly the same as yours so that is not the problem....

but I am at a loss as to what to suggest is the problem

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Thought a bit more about it. Banding may be caused by a cartridge giving a slow flow of ink to its nozzle. A nozzle check may show correct because the amount of ink needed to perform is only moderate. What I would do is try and find which cart is acting like its being throttled when asked to deliver a high flow in your print.

Get another set of carts ,install, ensure seated, do a "clean" to get the ink flowing, do a nozzle check to confirm working properly, then go for the print you are using as your test piece.

If the new carts work , replace them one by one with theold (repeating above steps)......till you find the problem again .This should identify which cart is "slow".

Throw it in the bin. Hope this helps.
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joelmorg wrote:
Done all of these things and still get banding....5-8 faint lighter bands on the right side (the last part to come out of printer)that are noticeable really when printing dark backgrounds (nighttime shots, underwater shots). I printed a lighter photo I took of a fish on some sand and it is fine.

I am using Canon paper photo plus glossy

In that case, you need a new Print Head.

Phone Canon and they will send a replacement Print Head FOC under warranty.
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