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Having just discovered this site I have been reading the posts with fascination. Ink price is the biggest rip off in Computing now and I'd love to be able to print as much as I want. I've tried a few Continuous inking systems without success but really need to understand the basics of inkjet printing.

How does the printer know the cartridge is empty? Can I use refills, even Epson cartidges refilled or will the printer know they are refilled? I have the SSC utility but don't really understand what it is doing.

Sorry to plague you experts but I'd really appreciate some guidance here. My first project is to fit an external waste ink tank.

Many thanks

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To Jerrymjj,

First, I agree that ink prices are the biggest rip off in computing. I went Canon
so I can't offer much Epson advice. But one proponent who I respect on CIS is
websnail and can hopefully come and offer you advice there.

I would also like to refer you to the "nifty stuff forums"--just google the name without quotes as another good site to look at.--they have a section on CIS.

In terms of ink monitoring, its can be done in a variety of ways. The modern trend seems to be chips on the cartridge counting nozzle fires--but that brings the curse of the chip. My non-chipped Canons use an optical method, not as accurate, but I refill before they trigger anyway.

In terms of refilling an Epson, its a definite yes. Depending on model you will need a chip resetter----and make sure to also find a reliable ink vendor with inks formulated for your printer.---you are asking for trouble if you use just any ink.
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its pointless refilling epson r200 carts as they are £1 each

the chip keeps track of ink so u can see in epson print monitor how much ink is left etc.

as said if u do refill u will need a chip resetter or printer will still think cart is empty

what probs u had with cis?? mine are faultless.......as long as you give em head clean and nozzle print check, cis carts are modified to auto reset.....and give by far the cheapest printing possible

the most important thing with printing i find is to use the best paper not the cheap crap, i use kodak ultima, it comes with a sheet of settings to set up printer properly to give outstanding results
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