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Default 44" length limitationfor Epson Photo Sytlus printers

I print out long panaramas, and recently had to turn down an order for a 70" panarama. My current printer is Photo Stylus 825. My Photoshop elements 2.0 running on Windows 2000 wkstation is able to handle the imjage just fine. But when I try to print it, it fails after 44 or so inches. Priint preview won't even work. This seems to ba an Epson limitation. I noticed the same limitation on two different epson printers one that prints out 8" wide - 825 and one that prints out 13" wide - 1280. If it were a data limitation you would expect the length limitation to be greater (shorter in length) on the 13" wide printer - since much more data would have to be produced by the software in order to print 44" materials 13" wide versus 8" wide.

Does anyone know any way around this? If it's software, is there anything I can purchase to produce my 77" long pano?
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It was actually a memory file limitation as most computers just don't have the memory to load that much information.

But there are programs out there that will let you continue your print as a second print on the roll without a spacing on your epson printer.
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I tried to make the max image size in PS7 for my epson 2200 and the max it would let me set it to was just under 44 inches.

Not sure if memory would be a problem, I have 1gb ram and a fairly large chunk of disk space allocated to PS's work spaces.
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Default re 44"limitation

I was just reading a review on the Epson 2200, and it stated that this model would print to 126" long, as long as you weren't using Win 9X OS (I am not). This is another indication that the limitation is purposfully set on some models. Appears to be market driven, as the 2200 is considerably more expensive than the two models I previously referred to. If the 2200 can print 13 by 126" then why not the less expensive 1280? Andw why can't the Photo Stylus 825 print 8.3" by 126"? What's the point of selling 30+ feet rolls of photo paper and limiting how long we can print to it?
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I discussed my experiences with printing long panoramas a few months ago http://www.stevesforums.com/phpBB2/v...ic.php?t=11914[/url]
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