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Default Anemic Prints from my New Canon S900

I figured this question deserved its own topic, so here goes:

Yesterday, I installed my new Canon S900. And the few test prints I did using the sample pack of 4X6 Canon Photo Paper Pro for borderless printing all came out looking light -- a better word might be "anemic."

Any idea what the problem is, or how to adjust that?

I should point out that I used EasyPrint to print those test photos, which employs the Exif 2.2 technology (whatever that is) to print photos that reflect the same color and other info captured at the time the photo was originally taken. Could the Exif 2.2 info be causing my print "anemia?"

(By the way, do Zoombrowser, Photoshop and other applications also make use of the Exif 2.2 technology, or is it only EasyPrint that can employ Exif 2.2?)
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You didn't say what kind of camera the images came from? Was it an Exif 2.2 compatible camera? If not, then I'd say to not use the EasyPrint program but rather try another graphic program. The EasyPrint program allows no access to the driver software to change the color settings. In EasyPrint you can check the box that says "Vivid" but that's about all.

I do most of my printing from Photoshop and go into the S9000 (same as S900) driver in the color settings and check the "ICM" box as I have my system all color calibrated with my monitor and printer profiles.

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Thanks Steve. Yes, the image was shot from a Canon G2, which is Exif compatible. Upon further checking, though, it may be the image itself -- a simple "autolevels" adjustment in Photoshop darkens it considerably. Obviously (duh), I'll need to expertiment printing a series of photos over the next few days to know for sure.

Could you perhaps tell me what the best "default" settings on the Canon S900 print driver are -- i.e., Automatic or manual color adjustment? RGB color space profile or CJPD 3G00? Photo Optimizesr Pro or not? Enable ICM or not?

I'm not sure how these all work together, or what the best default settings should be.
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You might want to check out this thread on another forum:

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