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I'm new at the whole printing thing and I just bought my new Canon Pixma 9000. For the most part, I'm happy with it except I can't get my colors to match up. I bought a spyder2express to calibrate my monitor and that worked fine. I've been trying to print from lightroom and photoshop CS. I've got all of the color management turned off in both softwares, the correct printer profiles have been selected (Canon Pro 9000 SP1 for photo paper plus glossy) and hopefully everything else turned off to let my printer profiles take over. Both prints come out bascially the same in both lightroom and photoshop CS. The problem is, the colors are not matching the screen. The whole photo has more of a warm tone when compared to the monitor. Is this something common with this printer or canon printers in general?
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Default Pro9000 & lightroom problems.

HI - I found your very old post regarding your pro-9000 issues, and I am having the SAME EXACT issue! I have the canon driver turned OFF for color adjustment, and am using calibrated monitors. I even color calibrated the printer with a Spyder elite. No matter what ICS file I use - the canon pt-101 paper or my spyder profile, NO good. The pictures are MUCH warmer - like everyone is sunburn. I know I'm doing it right - it looks fine on the screen in LR 5.5 and in LR Softproofing. IF I tell the canon driver to print-preview before printing - it looks BAD! and of course, prints bad. Latest drivers for everything. I'm gong crazy wasting lots of ink and paper.

Did you ever get it resolved? Thanks for any help!

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The poster has only made one post in 6 years. I'm doubting he'll see your post.... you never know though.

If you have a problem or question you'd be better off starting a new thread.

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Default Thank Dave

YES - I saw that. 'Just thought I would try to stir up the coals again, but you're right, a new thread would make more sense. I see many references to my issue on Google, but very few answers. I posted in a few places, so maybe someone will have some ideas I haven't tried, but I think I've done every permutation possible, to no avail.

Take care!
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Just ran across this thread, and while I don't use Canon printers, I have had similar issues with others.
If your printer prints a test page (from its driver software) correctly, so that you know the problem isn't with the nozzles, you may be able to simply enter the print driver interface and turn down the excess color (red, in this case) to a level that gives correct prints.
Again, I'm not familiar with how Canon implements its drivers, so it may not be as straightforward as it is with the Epsons, but there should be a way to manage.
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Default Thanks for your reply

YES - I probably could do that, and that might be the only solution. But I really hate going to all the trouble and expense of calibrating both monitor and printer (via Spyder Elite 3) and then not getting results that look even close to what I'm seeing on screen. Turning down the red might work, but it seems more like a band-aid than a solution, but I do appreciate your input.

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