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i recently got a canon pixma mp830 and have had a bit of bother getting photos to print with colours resembling the on screen photo.

the canon comes with its own profiles which install with the software, but after having used all these i just decided to set my printer (in window printers and faxes colour properties) to the same colour profile as my screen, which is srgb colour space profile.

now this is an rgb colour profile and the mp830 is a cmyk printer, but setting the printer to use srgb has given me the best colour i've had on photo prints from this machine so far. the colours are a match for what is on the screen pretty much.

how does that work. how can using an rgb colour profile on a cmyk printer do the business??????????

if i've left out important details, and im sure i have, then just ask.
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While the MP830 uses CYMK color cartridges it is in fact an RGB profile printer.

I have an MP830 and find it to be very useful and enjoy the output (particularly printing CD's and DVD's). the factory output is a little warm - more reds for instance, though many casual use owners preferwarmer over cooler blues of other printers. You can manually adjust color properties of the printer by going into the Printing Preferences of the printer, select the Main tab,change Color/Intensity to Manual and try different settings to get a more pleasing output.

No printer is calibrated to your monitor straight out of the box. Even your monitor is not calibrated properly. How could they be since there are so many combinations of monitor, video card and printer available.

What you are talking about is all part of color management, which includes calibration of monitor, printer, scanner and camera dependeing on how deep you care to get into the process and the quality of your equipment. No printer is calibrated to your monitor straight out of the box. Even your monitor is not calibrated properly.

If you want the best results from your hardware then some color management is necessary, at least for your monitor and printer. There are inexpensive solutions, such as purchasing a printer ICC profile asfrom http://www.cathysprofiles.com/. I am not recommending one over another and I have not purchased an ICC profile from Cathy, though she does seem quite reasonable. I just wanted to give you an example.

Color management for your monitorcan be accomplished by various methods. Instead of repeating this topic, take a look at my posts in this thread:


While the printer in that thread is different, the concepts and links are valid for you. You can find equipment to calibrate all your peripherals if you wish in the links.

If you are looking for a specific recommendation, well... you'll find somebody hating or loving each color management system. Do your homework (determine the calibration systems of interest and do a google search for reviews and prices) and match your aspirations with your wallet so you'll have enough money left over for plenty of photographic paper and ink to print out some beautiful pictures.
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thanks for your reply. it is extremely useful to know that my printer is rgb. that answers my original question perfectly.

i do know about colour management and have followed many sets of instructions i have found on the internet to try to get it right, but it has never quite worked.

one thing i have never done is purchase a custom profile and maybe i should give it a try sometime, but i think with my printer now set to srgb colour space things are going to be ok.

many thanks for your help.
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