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Islander Jun 10, 2002 10:45 PM

I am contemplating buying one of these two printers for average consumer use in dig. photos at 4x6 and occasional 8x10. I have a Minolta s404 and I am looking at the Epson 785EPX or the Canon S820. Any suggestions would be appreciated....


dc9mm Jun 10, 2002 11:29 PM

Well i was in the same boat recently and here are the points i thought to consider. Price: Canon 820 sells for about 90 bucks more than Epson 785. Ink costs, not sure which uses less but the canon does have six seperate color cartridges and Epson has one 6 color cartridge. If one color runs out in Epson you have to buy whole cartidge, Canon just replace used individual color cartridge. Quality of prints: well i couldnt tell the differnce between the two printing 4 by 6's.

I ended up going on ebay and getting a Epson 780 photo printer for 82 bucks, brand new with warranty. Same print engine as 785 but cant print without computer but who wouldnt want to use some photo editing like Photo Shop before printing anyway. So far its using the colors in the color cartridge very evenly. Great prints too, better than what i got at Walmart with 35mm film.

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