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Hi. I have two questions:

I am trying to print a custom size (4.25 in x 5.5 in) and am trying to use the User Defined option under Media Size. While on other Epson printers, a menu prompt comes up to ask you what size you want to define, my printer does not do this. Can you please tell me how to define the size on this particular printer -- the Epson RX 580?

Also, I am trying to print the image four times on one sheet of paper (as letter size paper "divides" into 4 perfect equal size rectangles). I have lined up everything perfectly on Adobe Illustrator, but somehow the printer throws everything off (eg. more white space on one side of the paper vs. the other even though everything has been lined up using the guides, etc.) I even tried choosing borderless to see if that would help, but it still printed off. Do you have any suggestions?

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Ok, here are your options. First off all you can make your own size pictures -choosing user defined. go to printing preference. Scroll down paper sizes. You will see user defined - choose sizes and then don't forget save it with any name. so you can call from list at any time
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Second issue: When you click on picture (if you with Windows) it will bring a wizzard -use that wizard. At very last step it will give you an option how you can print it -full fax, 2 on page, 4... etc. choose which one is best for you. good luck
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What software are you using to print from? Many photo editors allow multiple printing from templates, and further templates can usually be d/l from paper makers. I have a number of templates preloaded from Avery and others for this purose.

If you software has a 'print multiple' selection, or something similar, you may find you already have what you need.


edit: Trying to fit exactly to paper size may not work. Printers usually have built-in margins unless you are using the borderless option, and then they expand the print somewhat. This is to compensate for inaccuracies in paper feeding, sizing, etc.

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