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zakezuke Jun 2, 2005 3:57 AM

CD Printing on US Model Pixmas
First a few words from our sponcer:


Moderator Note:

It has come to my attention that this forum is being used to sell printer parts (for example, CD trays and rollers for Canon Pixma Printers).

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It has now been reopened.

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CD Printing on US Model Pixmas

This is now the legacy faq
and a new thread for cd printing issues

Five easy steps
Pixma-FAQ: CD printing in the Americas - move pending


Roller Assembly Photo Tutorial

Last Update-28Sept2005.

Wow I started this thing 02Jun2005. Wow and took only 1 month for people to find out how to do the MP760. I'll call the new site done I'll call this 02July2005. I might end up moving it... for now the free hosting is adquate and easy to remember.

This is not to say I don't welcome additions, corrections, and critisms. At presnet it's still a rather hasty assembling of everything thing discussed in the long thread. From a design standpoint doesn't look too good but from a fuctional one.... it's nice to see the info in the origonal context from where it was asked.

Next addition will be other software, specificly the SURETHING. And additional info regarding business card sized CDs might be required... there is that 4th undocumented reflector that no one ever discussed in length.

I take the time to think all who contributed to the long thread.. with which none is possible To you I give this big document, so you don't have to continue re-answering old questions from those who don't want to read 40 pages.


CD Printing on US Model Pixmas

Canon first released a consumer inkjet supporting CD-printing in October, 2003. The i series, specifically the i865 and i965 employed the use of a separate CD printing tray guide (QM2-0626-000) that distinguished it from the i860 and i960 (PIXUS 990i in japan) models. See annoc

This document was inspired by a 20+ page thread on that started in Oct 2004. While every issue has been addressed in this thread, it's not organized. The purpose of this document is to index this information gathered over a 7 month period.

These procedures have been tested on the Canon Pixma iP3000, iP4000, iP5000, iP6000D, iP8500, MP750, MP760, and MP780.
These procedures have not been tested on the Canon Pixma iP4200, iP5200, iP6600D, MP450, MP500, MP800, and MP950.
**Disclaimer... The author nor any contributers assume any responsibility for any damage you do to your printer. By reading further you assume all responsibility for any damage or loss as a result if your actions. Proceed at you own risk

zakezuke Jun 2, 2005 3:59 AM

[1] Ordering from overseas
The only issue to overcome other than the higher sticker price, high cost of shipping is the voltage requirements. Most of the world is is 240V 50hz. While it's possible they may use auto-switching power supplies, there is NO evidence to suggest this so better play it safe and either go with a step up power transformer or replace the power supply within the Canon printer to deal with 120V 60hz.

According to arklab
"To my supprise, Expansys threw in a "Plug converter" which allows the huge UK plug to be used in a US wall socket. I have been using this exclusively for over a week now and no problems at all. I've checked the voltage and it is still 120v feeding into the printer. "

UK        1 GBP = 1.81402 USD        USD = 0.551263 GBP
This info has been removed due to the fact that it's out of date
Shipping 2kg to US..£28.89....$52.42  Shipping....$0.00-$8.75----£0.00-£4.84
Power supply or..............$20.00
transformer approx..........~$30.00

[align=center]Currency conversion by 30may2005
Printer part numbers by mccoady
Update: no longer carries any printer with the exception of the ip4000R

dishinit recommends a step-up-transformer

A US powersupply can be easily mounted in the UK Canons. One may order one from 1-800-OK-CANON. According to iSAWaUFO The part numbers required are

.$1.36-QH2-2725-000 CORD, POWER, 100V-120V
$18.51-QK1-1068-000 AC ADAPTER: 100V-120V 50/60HZ

Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Parts Department
100 Jamesburg Road
Jamesburg, NJ 08831
Phone: (732) 521-7679

According to TVUONGPHAM
To replace the power supply "it is snap in, snap out procedure - literally."
No further information is available on the subject.

No further information is available whether UK models offer auto switching power supplies that will operate without a step-up transformer. Until that information is available it's unrecommended that you either buy the step-up transformer or buy the US power supply for $25.00.

zakezuke Jun 2, 2005 4:00 AM

[2] Front Panel plastic removal by Canon Australia
Units that don't include CDr printing support have the QM2-1241-000 inner cover unit. It's slightly larger, has no slot for CDr, and no rollers.*

Units that support CDr printing have the QM2-1239-000 inner cover unit w/cdr.

W/O cdr model's are connected to the printer via three plastic hooks, two outside and one dead center and can be pulled with your fingertips. **With the tray raised reach under on one side and apply pressure releasing the clip. Repeat for center and opposite side. Should you be unable to remove the front cover unit, you may enjoy better luck with the tray lowered and using a flathead screw driver.
[align=center] by Azzkikr1337[/align]
Printing is possible without this tray cover in place, though without the rollers one may need to manually insert the tray after hitting "resume" to start cd printing almost all the way leaving about 10mm of slack. After the tray is inserted properly the rear rollers clamp down on the tray and the printer prints normally.

Fig 1
Fig 2


zakezuke Jun 2, 2005 4:02 AM

[3] Canon CD tray

[align=center] by AlvinLee[/align]

*According to Wallyman the part number to the CDr tray is QL2-0605-000
**According to Makino the part number is QC1-4249 >ABS<T2-1
***According to the Parts manual, QL2-0605-000 is the tray and QA4-1117-000 is the CD SUB W/ CDR PRINTING. by TVUONGPHAM
  • -I.Ordering a tray

    Presently the only means of ordering a tray is to contact the service center listed on the offical canon site of a country where canon sells printers with this feature. Most service centers don't ship overseas or don't accept credit cards. Ebay is presently the only source in America for this part.

    ***A parts list can be downloaded from here
  • -II.Making a Tray

    The first ****B&W diagram posted to Stevesfourms by superclo is correct except for the reflector location:

    I took measurements based on the AlvinLee image {fig-1} and estimated their location. This is close to being accurate however corrections would be welcome. Based on image submited by superclo

    Outside thickness-.100 in. = 2.54 mm
    -Inside thickness-.045 in. = 1.143mm

    -Anonymous tip
    ******Here is a scan of a real tray and the inaccurate diagram overlaid. Assume Fig-3 is correct until such time that it gets updated by someone with more accurate measurements. by starno

    Note the tray works equally well if rectangular as tapered on the end. To make your live easier just stick with a width of 131mm and a length of 239mm
    • -i.Cardboard by golgota

      Golgota's design is very simple. Starting with a piece of cardboard measuring 131mm * 239mm he uses the template to find where to cut the circle for the CD with an exact-o knife. I imagine he also used a CD to help guide the knife. Then in turn glues that piece of cardboard to another measuring 131mm * 239mm and glues on aluminum foil for the alignment reflectors.

      An alternative would be to cut holes in the same layer as you cut the CD hole and place a reflective layer between the base layer and the CD holding layer. I've tested foil and white spray paint. The golgota design looks too thick.. the height should be exactly that of two CDs, or about 1mm per layer. Also there needs to be high contrast between the CD tray and the alignment reflectors, black is unrecommended.

    • -ii.Plastic by CanonFodder

      CanonFodder Decided to make his tray from DVD cover plastic. Below are his steps quoted verbatim. Illustrations are available at the top link.
      1. -"Cut the front of a DVD case cover off at the spine. Trim the center of the left hand side flush and the bottom flush. Cut off the lower. DVD booklet clip".
      2. -"Line up pattern as shown. Mark corners of sensors and center of CD hole by poking through with tip of dividers"
      3. -"With a sharp knife trim top and left side. Then set dividers to the size of a CD, so you have a snug fit. Using the center hole previously punched slowly score the hole round and round. Take your time. When you think you have gone through most of the way turn the piece over and score from the other side. The center hole should be through by now."
      4. -"Cut sensor holes with a knife using the holes previously punched as guides. I did cut a slight bevel around the two left most sensor holes to mimic the original tray."
      5. -"Trim a second DVD case cover like the first steps but don't cut any holes in it. Place it so the lower case hole is on the opposite side "
      6. -"Place reflectors (I used aluminum foil duct tape) on left hand piece and place right hand piece on it. You can see I used some old VHS labels attached to each half and then glued them together, I haven't found a glue that sticks well to the plastic. Put a bevel on the top of the leading edge, and a smaller bevel on the bottom of the leading edge."
      kingnick followed a similar approach but the size specification more closely matches the Canon Tray.

    • -iii.Modifying an Epson r200/r300 tray by zakezuke

      I took the liberty of scanning my end result with the B&W diagram as an overlay. For the purpose of my description top is the way the arrow points. See above link for illustration.

      Before reading these steps refer to the diagram located at the above link.
      1. -1.Trim off 2mm from either of the tray. You'll note that there is an inlet located at the top right that measures about 2.5mm inward. Don't cut it, but it's useful as a point of reference. I used a dremmel with cut off disks with two clamps and a piece of wood as a straight edge. Accurate results might be enjoyed with an exact-o knife, belt sander, hand sander. The end result should be 131mm wide
      2. -2.Mark a line left to right 33mm from the edge of the CD holder or a distance of 9.82mm from the top edge of the center top alignment reflector. This should trim off most of the beveled edge but leaving a small amount of flat before the tray's valleys. Accuracy doesn't need to be 100% here, as any slight error will be compensated for by the alignment reflector. Cut as before.
      3. -3.Trimming the rear of the tray may not be necessary , but it's helpful to give you a guide as to how far to insert the tray into the printer. If you choose not to cut the bottom edge of the tray at least make a mark 146mm from the center of the CD holder, or 61.3mm from the bottom edge of the rear alignment reflector.
      4. -4.Using masking tape, first mask off a left to right line exactly at the outer edge of CD holder, and another piece of masking tape at a distance of 5.5mm parallel to the last piece of tape. Mask off from the right edge a distance of 2.5mm leaving a 5.5mm space and mask at 7mm. This should leave a 5.5mm square hole exposed. Mask again between 7mm and again after 20.5mm. Mask the area between 25mm and 115mm and finally mask the area from the left most edge till 120mm. This should leave 3 square holes center from right to left 5mm, 22.75mm, and 117.25mm. Mask the area top and bottom leaving these 5.5 spots unmasked. Use a bit of white spray paint. I used Zingers Kills orderless primer which sticks very well to this plastic, so well I had to use stripper to remove the alignment reflectors.
      5. -5.Let dry, and remove.
      The end result should be a tray that measures 131mm wide, and 239mm long, longer isn't such a big deal. My end result is off my left -1.7mm and top -4mm but you'll notice that my alignment marks are a little bit off.

      Note I used an image for a reference, my measurements for the alignment reflectors may not be 100% accurate, but the illustrated tray has been tested and works.

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4


zakezuke Jun 2, 2005 4:02 AM

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[4]Settings Printer's Destination – enabling CDr printing
  • [*]
  • [*]

zakezuke Jun 2, 2005 4:03 AM

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[5] Driver downloads Software - Windows - Mac OS X*Kurto2021 adds:
I used the US driver and it has the CD tray option. I did change the region code on the printer first thing before I even hooked up the printer, so I am assuming that if you change the region of the printer initially then the CD that came with the printer should work.

* o=317962#p317962

** o=335876#p335876

zakezuke Jun 2, 2005 4:04 AM

[6]Windows - Registry key

The last thing preventing CDr printing on the Pixma Series is a registry key entry "CnmFSI_CDRSWITCH". If you have a non CDr support, when installing the driver this value will be set to 0, where if you install the driver with a printer's destination

set to CDr support this value will be one.

[align=center] by Azzkikr1337[/align]

When CnmFSI_CDRSWITCH = 1 there will be the extra options to print onto Printable disc (recommended) and "Printable disc

(others)". Users who have already installed this printer while the destination was set to No CDr will have to run regedit

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Pr int\Printers\Canon PIXMA iPxxxx\PrinterDriverData


Fig 1- #p208164

zakezuke Jun 2, 2005 4:04 AM

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[7] Testing And Alignment

Pending writeup on CD tray testing by zakezuke
  1. IP3000/4000/5000
    The IP series has a built in alignment as part of it's service-mode.
    1. Make sure printer is off and is plugged in but turned off.
    2. Hold down [RESUME] (Triangle pointed down) hold down [POWER] and wait.
    3. Release [RESUME] but Continue to hold [POWER]. Double click [RESUME]. Release [POWER].
    4. Make sure you front door is open, and you have a loaded blank printable CD-R in the tray. Click the [RESUME] 7 times then click [POWER]. This is the CDR- test print. The printer will accept a disc and print on it X for horizonatal Y for vertical with cross hairs on the four corners. These are the alignment marks {see fig 7-1}.
    5. Press [POWER] to exit Service mode and return to normal operation.
    6. Follow the instruction block below Fig-7.1
  2. MP750/760/780
    The MP series has a built in test print as part of it's service-menu
    1. While the printer is in operation touch [MENU] then [SCAN] [COPY] [SCAN]
    2. Select " Test mode", the last option from the main menu which can be find most easily by pressing the [UP] arrow once. Using the right arrow select option [3] PRINTER and press OK. Make sure your front door is open and a tray is loaded with a blank disc. Using the right arrow select [3] CD-R CHECK PATERN and press OK. This will cause a disc to be printed.
    3. To exit and return to normal operation press [POWER]. This will cause the printer to reset.
    4. Follow the instruction block below Fig-7.1

After the disc is printed with the alignment cross hairs, using a metric ruler measure the distance of each alignment mark to the outer edge of the CD. The distance should be equal. First subtract the value of X from it's adjacent value, in this case 3 minus 9, and divide by two. (3-9)/2=-3 In this case the left adjustment is -3.
Do the same with the Y value, but this time subtract the adjacent value from Y and device by two, in this case (5.5-6.5)/2=.5. This is your top adjustment.
Take these values and place them in CD-R print.

zakezuke Jun 2, 2005 4:27 AM

[8] Alternative Software and Discs
  1. Software
    SureThing is a program that supports a vast number of printers, but doesn't directly support the Pixma series. But Templates exist for it.
    1. Download Canon ip4000.std (version 3) template save to your SureThing User Templates folder located in x::program filessurethingstcduser templates.
    2. Open the this template.
    3. Save as "Template", check the box marked "place layout in this category" select CD printers or other location of your choice.
    Congratulations! SureThing will now have the option of this printer in it's menu. Adjustment my be nessecary from the print preview menu.
  2. Discs
    Business Card CDs are untested by this author. According to one user... when using Canon's CD Label Print software on a 80mm disc, the printer prints in the wrong location not even close to the disc. No further information is available about this subject. Anyone with direct experience in this area please submit their experiences. At present... it seems a resolution is to print to a 120mm CD and having the 4[sup]th[/sup] reflector covered so the printer doesn't interprete this disc as being small.
    Small 80mm CDs are presently untested.

zakezuke Jun 3, 2005 3:00 PM

[9] Image credits and links

Canon ip5000 print preferences
Canon ip5000 without CDr tray cover plate

Canon CD tray with ruler

Canon CD tray in printer

Jig used with pass through method.
image 1
image 2

demo of disclabel with pass through jig

Canon CD tray w/o ruler
image 1
image 2

Canon ip4000 printer

superclo -
Diagram Canon Tray-b with incorrect alignment reflector location

CD-Tray made from DVD case
image 1
image 2
image 3
image 4
image 5
image 6

Canon diagnostic printouts w/o and w/ CD-r support

CD tray based on slim black CD case

Canon Tray-b with overlay of incorrect diagram.
-incorrect section

CD tray based on cardboard

Cardboard based CD tray
image 1
image 2
image 3

UK shipping rates

Modified diagram with reflector alignment marks corrected, modified epson tray overlaid on it
image - diagram corrected
image - diagram w/ epson tray

Diagnostic printout ip3000

snow veil
CD tray b in printer.

Translation and submiting that paper is the rear tray is required

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