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scatterbunny wrote:
Are any of these things reason enough to go ahead and get a 6600 or 5200, or does the 5000 still seem like the winner?
I just wish posting prints from the iP5000 would do justice to the images

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It seems that the 5000 is higher-priced than the 6600, and doesn't qualify for the rebates, so I'm going with the 6600. I'll get a $50 rebate because I'm also buying a ZR400 camcorder ($50 rebate for qualifying PIXMA printers+camcorder). There is also a separate $30 rebate for the printer. That $80 in savings is a big factor in my decision, especially considering that the 6600 is cheaper even before the rebates.
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YES, dpi IS the Holy Grail.

Reason it out; Regular film photography is in Grains, millions of them.
A fine grain film like Kodachrome (slow) can take a 35mm negative and make a HUGE enlargement.
A coure-grain film (Tri-X?) can't take too much enlargement.
The BEST ink jets of today have "dots" measured in the thousands.
Even "grainy" Tri-X has MILLIONS of grains!
The MORE dpi, the better!
(unless you want to talk dye-sub?).

More inks?
National Geographic manages to make do with CYMK and their pictures ain't bad.
Flesh tones? Poor old Playboy seems to make do with CYMK.
when total ink refill comes up
4 X $12 or 8 X $12? You pick...

the edit: I have the ip5200
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