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After much research I have decided to purchase either an epson r320 printer or a canon ip5200.I really don't know which printer to go with though, hopefully some of you can help me out.

Is the ip5200 basically the same as the ip4200 or ip5000 in photo output quality?

I have come to the conclusion that the ip4200 is almost identical to the ip5000 except for the chromalife ink in the ip4200. The specs of both printers are the same, 9600 x 2400 colour dpi as well as an 1856 nozzle print head. The difference in the ip5200 to the ip5000/4200is the 3584 nozzle print head it contains. Does this really make a difference in photo printing quality? After reading a review at pcworld.com on the ip4200 and ip5200 I came to the understanding that the nozzle print head difference does make a difference?Steve saysaboutthe ip6000d (basically i900d)that"The printing quality is on par with Canon's previous 6-color printers (the i960 and i9100) and uses exactly the same Canon ink tanks, " and the only difference between the ip6000d and i960 is the double nozzle print head onthe i960.

If anyone has any experience with the i960,r200/300/320 or ip5200- how does the photo quality of all these compare to eachother?

Thanks for your time
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I just replaced my Canon S900 with an IP4200. In comparing prints from each printer, the IP4200 more neutral coloured pics are indistinguishable from my old S900 six colour. Pictures with lots of vibrant saturated colours look a bit more vivid and vibrant on the IP4200; especially greens and reds. Itend to prefer the new printer to the old one.

I spent most of the day printing pictures, and the ink levels have hardly dropped at all. On the S900, I would have pretty much emptied the photo cyan and photo magenta cartridges by now; so I expect ink useage is going to be a lot more economical with the 4 colour system.
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I have had a Canon i960 for over 2 years and an R200 for a little over 1 year. I print photos with my i960 and DVD's with the R200. I recently purchased a Canon ip5000 to do DVD's and as a general purpose printer. I've found (after changing firmware and making my own DVD tray) that the ip5000 is SOOOOOOOOoooo much faster and to my eyes a much higher print quality than the R200. It is also much smoother feeding the DVD tray and more quiet in general. I can buy 3rd party inks for it for $1.85 ea from http://www.private.abacus24-7.com , I've used these inks for over 1 year in my i960 without any clogging or fading issues and cannot tell the difference from Canon inks. Printing pictures with the R200 is like waiting for molasses to run on a cold winter morning, although the quality is acceptable. The ip5000 is a discontinued model and may be hard to find. It uses ink carts that CAN BE refilled easily. I found mine at www.outpost.com (Frys) for $129.95 + shipping. If I were you I wouldn't waste any time finding one.
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Try the IP5200. It is available many places/
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