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davy wrote:
Just to clarify.
The chip on the tank is only for monitoring the ink level, unlike Epsons Intellidge Chip as 'they' call it which counts the number of times the nozzles fires and when a specific count is reached flags to printers cpu to stop.
Hold on a second here... Am I right in saying that the chip on a canon cart will not monitor the ink levels but instead just tell you it's empty at a pre-determined point?

OR... is this chip a smart unit that will check the level of the ink in the cartridge and report the ink as empty when it does actually run out of ink?

Everything I'd heard to date implied that the chipped carts were just going to declare themselves empty as per Epson but certainly not have any actual ink level monitoring functionality.

Was I wrong?

Reason I ask is because it seems slightly odd that the chip could be fooled simply by topping it up regularly... Surely Canon saw that one coming?

Does anyone have a definitive factual answer observed first hand?
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headphonesman wrote:
I have used a retail tank after the refilled one and the ink monitoring is restored just fine.

Are you saying that after taking away the ink warning facilities because you used a refilled chipped tank (which had previously ran out and you re-filled), when you replaced this with a genuine fresh (never ever used ) chipped cart, the warning facilities were restored , and everything was as it should be?

If so I was mistaken in what I understood, I thought once ink level warning was taken away it was final.
Headphonesman...That was my experience (firsthand). The printer may still "remember" that you fed it a refilled tank but I have never required use of a printer warranty anyways.
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