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phillyman Dec 29, 2005 9:49 AM

Hey do i have to change the printhead when i run out of ink for my ip4000? I havent run out yet and am still using the original ink that came with it, or the print head will last a while?

slipe Dec 29, 2005 10:03 AM

It is a permanent print head. It should last for hundreds of cartridge replacements.

You can burn out a thermal inkjet head like Canon has by running it for a protracted time after it runs out of any ink color. If your color balance is way off or text stops printing, stop and troubleshoot. Pull all of your cartridges and make sure there is ink. You should get a warning when one goes empty, but it isn't insistent. If you have ink, print a nozzle check from the maintenance tab. If a head is clogged run cleaning cycles until you get it back.

You won't do harm by printing for a short while with a clogged head or empty ink tank, but you will eventually do harm. Otherwise the head will last indefinitely unless you are doing commercial level volume with a consumer printer.

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