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Sid1962 Dec 29, 2005 7:52 AM

I presently have an HP 1350 and an old HP 952. I do a lot of printing on 81/2x11 canvas paper - actual coated canvas, not the paper that is made to look like canvas. I print 8x10's, or close thereto.

In both printers, but moreso the 1350, I often encounter paper positioning problems. In short, the canvas paper does not feed in quite far enough before the printing starts, resulting in off center images. Often the printing starts right at the leading edge, and I have occasionally lost part of the image.

I am considering getting a new printer. I am looking at Canon, specifically the Pixma i6600 and ( if I can swing it) the i9900. I believe both have top gravity feed which avoids the infamous HP front feed, wrap around techique, which I beleive is contributing to the above issue.

Has anybody had any experience with canvas paper in Canon printers? I wrote Canon, and they say that type of paper is not supported in thier printers. Also if anyone has any advice on my HP issue as described above, that would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


slipe Dec 29, 2005 10:55 AM

I think Canon wants you to buy Canon paper and puts absurd paper weight limitations in their specs. Canon Photo Paper Pro has to be heavier than their rated 28# max, but they get around that by not putting the paper weight on the packaging. I have run 110# index stock through my iP4000 and S9000 with no problems.

I have no experience with canvas paper. You might take a sheet of it into a place you can work with and try printing it. That my Canon takes 110# index stock isn't that significant as my old HP 930 did as well.

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