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Hey guys,

My brothers printer suddenly came up with that Service required message and wouldnt let him print anymore. So when I searched the internet I came across this board. Great news about the reset counter, which I can now do on my own printer, but with the bottle at the back of the printer, I'll maybe do that with my own, but my brothers printer he didnt want that. So I tried washing the pads, what a mistake that was lol. Firstly ink went everywhere, then when I got them to the part of hardly any ink was coming out I needed to get them dry. But guess what I did - stuck them in the tumble drier, BIG mistake. Didnt dry that much at all, and then started to rip apart lol.

So I decided to email Epson and ask them if they sold the waste ink pads, which I got a nice email back giving me some contacts in the UK that sells the waste ink pads for the Epson R300.

One of the firms was Equinox which quoted me £14.36 per set of 6 pads, + carriage & vat. Which wasnt that bad. But catch was they have a £50 minimum order. So I thought forget that lol. :? Very friendly email though.

2nd one was the best which was
Express Terminals Limited, which quoted me a whole list of pads that they sell in singles. from £1.54 - £2.56, my order came to around £22 as they said I would need to replace all of them which maybe right or wrong, just depends on what pads come through lol. Very friendly and helpful in email and on the phone.

Price list was:
Porous pad small, b £2.56 each qty 2 required Porous pad upper, b £1.54
Porous pad lower, b £1.54
Porous pad lower large £1.54
Porous pad small £1.54
Porous pad upper support, b £1.54

I just thought I would share this info with ya guys as it might help others out.
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If ever you are stuck, why not extend the waste tube and take it to a bottle behind the desk, this is what people do when using CIS systems.

Bear in mind that you will have to reset the waste pad code as the printer cpu counts the number of cleaning cycles before it tells the printer to stop printing, you'll find these codes on various sites.

Just an idea while it last's

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Read this...

it's the instructions for the waste ink tank as suggested above... It's a whole lot easier, cheaper and sensible to boot. The reset code is a doddle too..
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