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Default Time for a new printer

This section doesn't get very much use does it?

The HP C8180 I have been using has a bad gear that sends a paper jam error and won't print. I've tried cleaning/fixing it and had no success. It's about 7 years old so it's time to replace.

Things I liked about my HP.

The photo quality was excellent until about a year and a half ago. That's when I believe the gear started showing wear and the paper would be very slightly misaligned.

It used 6 ink tanks.

It had a multi-card reader. I still use CF cards so this is a very useful feature. Some printers only offer a SD slot.

It had a built in scanner. Not needed very often but needed.

These are features I would like to keep.
I mostly print 4x6 prints for my kids and family. But I do print larger a couple of times a month, 5x7, 8x10 or 8.5x11. It seems that HP does not make photo printers with 6 ink cartridges any longer.

The only printer I can find that has these same features is the Epson XP-960. The Canon TS 9120 is close but only has a SD slot.

Does anybody have experience these printers? Do you have an opinion about this printer or your experience in selecting your last printer?
At this time I'm not sure what I'm going to buy.

Canon S95
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In general, printers are a PITA, particularly color ones and more particularly color ink ones.

Most new printers wont work with older operating systems and even Windows 7 is considered old. Also, as printers age, it can be difficult to get quality replacement ink/toner cartridges for them.

Apparently a common complaint with the HP C8180 is a that a gear driving the paper feed roller goes bad.

The company HP is not too helpful as they want to just sell an upgrade.

There are various recommendations for fixes found on the networks for the C8180's problematic gear. These include buying a similar model and transfering needed parts.

As for me personally, I wont have a color ink printer around me. All the color ink printers Ive had to mess with (including the ones at work) were expensive and maintenance intensive. (In fact, some manufacturers give the printer free upon purchase of a full set of replacement ink cartridges.)

If one must do color, then buy a color laser and try to buy an upper end (industrial strength) type unit.

Good luck

PS (Edit): This thread about the issues of color ink jet printers is in the process of building on the Anandtech forums:


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