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phaedra1106 Oct 22, 2008 9:47 AM

Hi from the UK :)

I've been refilling BCi3/6 cartridges for a few years using refillable bodies and ink from Inkjetgoodies and then Hobbicolors. Now that my trusty iP4000s have both died I replaced them with a couple of iP4300s, not the latest models but much cheaper :)

I got a chip resetter for £10 (US$17) from and after readingthe excellent article on Nifty Stuff thought I'd give vacuum filling a try!. Big problems here in the UK trying to get a tank and even a hand pump is around £30 (US$50) so I started thinking sideways ...... what I came up with does the job perfectly for the vast price of £7 (US$12) ... it's a fishing accessory from Browning, used to soak pellets with flavour when Carp fishing, if you do an Ebay search for "Browning Pellet Pump" you should find lots of them.

Tried it out today and with about 40 to 50 strokes it produces sufficient vacuum to do the job :)

Hope this is helpful to someone :)

Original Article is here,

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