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Purchased the MP830 form Amazon. Free shipping no tax $229.00 to my doorstep.

Just set it up. Plugged in power, ink nozzle tray, ink pens. Put in paper. Ran Nozzle alignment and Viola!white vertical lines (areas where the nozzles failed to print ) appeared from top to bottom through all color blocks on the test sheet.Also, color blocks would not line up to form the image properly, they where staggered ever so slightly (1/64th of an inch). Long story short, Ran all cleaning and deep cleaning functions and diagnostics several times. Lines still there. Image still wavy.

Canon support I have to say was AWESOME! No waiting, real peoplewho WANT to help.After a couple of tests, conclusion: Fault in the encodingpart of the imaging process. They are sending me a refurb.

Now I know refurb turns off a lot of people, but I think it means I will receive a unit that has been tested by Canon and is working properly. That itreceives a priority quality control check as opposed to coming of the production linewith a mass of otherswith limitedquality checks.

Whether thats flawed thinking or not, it makes me feel better!

When I receive it and set it up, I will post the end results...

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I received my refurb from Canon and hooked it up. Everything works perfectly with all types of media. It was indeed an information handling issue. It comesWITHOUT new ink, nozzle tray, cords or paper tray. You simply use the parts from the other machine. Upon close inspection I think I actually received a better unit. The Auto opening paper door opens and closes much smoother, the paper pick up roller performs better,the firstmachine made a noise occasionally that sounded like rubber skipping on the paper but just for a fraction of a second.

I am happy with Canons response and happy with the refurb. I see no need to freak out over a refurb. As I said in my earlier post, I think I'm getting a better unit due to the detailed scrutiny and testing it receives.

This unit is great for my needs. I gather that the HP's are slightly better for crispness in the high end of lineart type of printing. Truthfully, the canon seems to do a perfect job in this respect andIam pretty discriminating, but I have not seen the HP printout either. The photograph output isAWESOME. Our family takes a lot of pictures and the prints are EXCELLENT! I gather the HP's are not as good in that arena but I have not seen for myself. We make a lot of photocopies too, but use the "fast" mode since highest quality is not important usually. Copies of yahoo maps, reports, magazine pages, stuff you throw away eventually.

I replaced an HP IIcx scanner and an HP deskjet 930cwhich have been workhorsesbeyond belief. I also replaced a brother fax machine that quit scanning after almost a year and could only receive.

Though I own several Canon Cameras and Lens', this is the first computer peripheral by Canon and I think it is pretty awesome. I just hope it will last as well as the HP's!
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Good to hear you have a correctly working unit.

I like my MP830 very much as well.

Have fun!
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