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Default Just bought Canon S820 So far so good!

Well, based on the informative posts, ,and the general price of ink carts for this printer I bought an Canon S820 tonight. So far I am VERY impressed.
I just got my first digi cam (a Canon A70 which I chose based on the posts and help frorm this web site) and started out trying to print frorm my Epson 640, well, the heads were shot on this and no windex would save these f-ers. So I went out looking for a printer.
Walmart (who I hate) had a Lexmark Z23 for a mere 29 bucks, so I am thinking, hell, why not?
So I went out to buy one and the wormmart I go to is out of stock.
Then it hits me...
Check out Steve's Digicams for printers! they would know what the best printer is!!!
Well, the Canon S820 is a great printer, and I am happy as a lark.
The borderless printing is great, and the ink is cheap as anything.
to all who help out in the PHOTO INKJET forum a great big thank you!
No more Epson head cleaning nonsense for me!!!!
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I guess I was wrong, for quality ink you can only use the canon ink. oh, well. I guess the truth is that you use the printer for as few pics as possible, and do walmart.com or some such crap for pics.
We always pay pay pay. but I still like the printer....
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Old Jun 14, 2003, 8:48 AM   #3
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Default how you know

i too had to retire a epson 640 for a canon s820. i paid $116 at buy.com. You can use Kodak paper if you follow the setting on the kodak web site for the s820d. i like the kodak paper, the colors were a lot better than on canon pro paper. Make sure u get the head adjustments right or i get lines effect bit it is a nice printer. not as fast as steve made it out to be buy far above the epson 640. there are a lot of ink companys so who knows if there is a equal ink.
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Old Jun 18, 2003, 11:51 PM   #4
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Yes, ,I read somewhere that there was a paper altenative like the one you mention. Could you post a link to that?

I guess going from a 640 to anything is better, but the ink costs and print quality are key.

The canon paper prints were perfect, I can't imagine any better, but clue me!

Have you gotten any 3rd party inks yet?

I feel this way, if I can get a few QUALITY prints then have some other place like WALMART print the rest then I will be happy.

You have to be clever and damn cheap nowadays!
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