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So, Hello all. This is my first post here.
I Have a Canon Pixma IP5200.
I would like to find out a little more about this chipped issue, which has been discussed in other forums to great extent, and of which i have read with much interest. However, i have yet to read anything about someone having the same difficulties as i am experiencing at the moment.
Basically, i have purchased Cheap Ink Carts, Swapped over the Chips and found that the CIC´s print almost as good a quality as the origionals. This made me happy, cos i saved lots of Hard earned CASH.
So, to the problems.
1. I get the Pop UPs with the usual Warnings, click ok and then i can print further, no problem. The problem is i get the same warnings for the same carts EVERY single time i Switch the Printer on. Highly annoying. (Maybe leaving the Printer on permanently would be the answer for that, but still...)
2. I recieved a pop up asking if my Yellow Cart is non origional and thus turned the ink monitor off for it, I have never recieved a pop up for the other 2 swapped Carts???
3. The Latest problem and most annoying. The Printer has all of a sudden decided that it doesn´t wish to continue printing with the 3 swapped Carts that i have using for the last few weeks. I switch the Printer on, it says there is a prob. i open the case and the Cart LEDs are off (from the swapped Carts only), I take the Carts out, Put them back in and the LED´s Blink Farely fast (which means low ink), I then close the case, and the pop up tells me again that there is a problem with the the Carts and i need to change them for new ones.
So, a bit of a bugger then. i have to fork out another 50 euros for origionals and then try again with Chip Swapping.
I would be curious to know as to WHY the pop ups seem to be so inconsistant.
I would also like to know how to GET the pop up with the question about the Non origional Cart.
And Finally, i would be interested in any responses to the 3rd Problem.

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The performance of the chips when being disabled of after being disabled can sometimes be erratic. Sometimes a chip will not disable even after the resume button is held down, the printer will print several more pages and then the same popup about pressing the resume button again - somtimes it will disable after going through this resume button sequence a few times

When you get messages saying the ink is out , change the cartridges, same cartridge installed twice, funny flashing lights on the cartridges or the resume buttonand so on and the printer will not operate, you are cactus, the problem cartridges have to be changed. To beat Canon, I have on standbya set of fairly new cartridges with chips not disabled. When I get these kind of errors, I put the new set in to clear the errors and theninstall a set of used cartridges which have not had their chips disabled and start the whole process again of disabling the chips and so on. So try and get your hands on virgin used chipped cartridges, some people do not worry about refilling their cartridges and always buy new originals, if you can round these people up, get a hold of their virgin empties. There are now also recyclers who realise there is money in empty virgin Canoncartridges with chips on, they sell for about A$3 each in Australia
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Just as an additional point... There's been quite a few complaints about the "compatible" market in respect of the chip transfer having to be done very carefully.. It could be that your chips have slipped, are making a poor contact with the printer, etc...

Personally I'd recommend refilling the originals rather than going for compats as much because it's cheaper as that it's more reliable..
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