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Hi - I'm new here tho I've been reading Steve's reviews for years...

I've posted this issue on another forum, but no help yet so I'll expand my audience. If you've already seen this elsewhere,I apologize.

I'm on my 8th or 10th Canon printer (lost count)- love 'em! Right now I have an i70, an i960, and a recently acquired i9100. Another i9100 is on its way to me from an eBay seller; it will replace the i960. I use Hobbicolors ink, Costco paper, and ICC profiles from Profile Prism, and I like my prints just as well as what I get from labs. I can print an 8.5x11 print for about 20 cents- a 13x19 for maybe $1.50. You can see my work at http://www.FLmemories.com.

Here's my problem. I have 3 PC's on my crowded office desk. 2 of them will drive the i960 or i9100 with no problem. The 3rd PC prints fine, but will not preview on either printer. Even though I always request preview...

...on this PC only, either printer just fires right up without a preview... very frustrating.

I want to be able to keep 2 PC's cranking out prints and promo flyers on 2 printers while I'm doing engineering work on the 3rd PC (photography isn't paying all the bills just yet ). Unfortunately I cannot do the engineering on the XP machine that won't preview. I've reloaded drivers and generally wasted a bunch of time on the obstinate machine for weeks/months now, and am actually considering replacing the PC over this problem. (Another user on another forum posted a similar issue with a Pixma printer last year, which he told me he only fixed by replacing his PC. ) BTW I must have preview because... sometimes my ICC profile is applied (by Fotoslate 4)to only part of a page, and if I'm paying attention I may notice that in the preview. If anyone can tell me a fix for my ICC problem I'd be ecstatic.

In my engineering work I write and debug software, and I know how devilishly difficult these defects can be to deal with. I just am hoping that someone reading this (very long I know ) post has a specific idea how to fix the preview problem other than the usual "reload everything from scratch".

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