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Dear Forum:

I have a Canon i9900 printer I bought about a year or two ago.
It has been a very nice printer and I have no complaints except for the following two recurring problems:

Grayscale or black and white prints are coming out in some sort of funky brown or sepia color. This happens even though I use Cannon paper and all ink cartridges are full. How do I get the printer to print more accurate black and white or grayscale images?

While using Epson Double-sided matte paper, I hear a funny scratching sound and either the left or right side of the print has this feathery or sratchy ink mark on the side of the print. For example, I've got a flier to print that has words and images on both sides. I feed the matte paper through the Canon for it to print on one side. This one side prints without a hitch. I then turn the paper around and feed it through again to get the other side of the flier. This time, towads the end of the print, I hear this strange scratching sound. When this other side is done printing, there is always this dirty, scratchy, or feathering looking area of ink along the edge of the print.
How can I make this not happen so I get a clean print?

GPHD Scott

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